Sunday, March 29, 2009

About The Great White Chaotic.

The Great White Chaotic consists of five faithful members:

Greg- Vocals/Guitar

It came to be...
Originally Kory, Aaron, and Mike played music together on the side as a hobby and never really decided to write any real songs, only improvise. After a year of playing together they were forced to depart for awhile. Recently Mike called Kory and said he was interested in starting a band. So we got in touch with Aaron, found Gavin, and found a flyer that Greg had posted and called him up. Its always funny how fate works to bring certain people together, but The Great White Chaotic was formed.

The sound...
The spacey guitar melodies and harmonies, progressive style drumming, driving bass lines, breathtaking vocal work, and thought provoking lyrics give The Great
White Chaotic a very unique sound.

Under the influences...
Literally everything from Mozart,
to Led Zeppelin,
to Marijuana.
The Sound of Animals Fighting,
As I lay Dying,
Pink Floyd,
Circa Survive,
Mayday Parade,
John Coltrane,
The Band,
A Day to Remember,
Between the Buried and Me,
and Bob Dylan

We are currently preparing our set for the upcoming show on April 5th. After the show we want to focus on recording a demo album to distribute and post online. Once the recordings are done, we also plan to begin work on getting merchandise and our own domain name. We will have a website soon.

BTW!: WE ARE LOOKING TO BUY A PA SYSTEM (please comment if you have one to sell.)

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